Recipe Books

Looking for the best soy recipes books with delicious dishes to choose? Check out these options for our favorite soy recipe books that we’ve been using for years.

The Whole Soy Cookbook by Patricia Greenberg

The soy cookbook offers over 170 delicious and nutritious recipes that are easy to prepare and feature the best beans in nature. Here you will find recipes that you would least expect from a soy recipe book as you’ll find pizza, potatoes au gratin, brownies, meatloaf, cheesecake, jambalaya, fajitas, ice cream, and even tiramisu. Here you will learn how to prepare soy products and how easy it is to substitute soy for meat protein in your dishes.

New Soy Cookbook by Lorna Sass

The New Soy Cookbook offers delicious ingredients to any meal as more and more health-conscious cookers are eager to make soy a part of their healthy diet. Sass provides health Asian-inspired dishes as well as western favorites such as soybean chili and Tempeh with Herbs de Provence.

Amazing Soy by Dana Jacobi

As the undisputed Queen of Soy, Dana Jacobi gives us her revolutionary recipes and the art of coking with soy. This unique cookbook includes more than 240 delicious soy recipes for every occasion and eating style. You can find quick breakfasts, work lunches, energy0boosting snacks, authentic Asian dishes, and even decadent desserts.

The Complete Soy Cookbook by Paulette Mitchell

Paulette Mitchell, the veteran cooking teacher, and the author gives us The Complete Soy Cookbook that helps us bring the perfect and tasty additions to our healthy diet. Here you will find health dishes that serve as gourmet plates that are easy to follow.

Don’t forget to check out these books for delicious soy recipes.