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Companies 100% GMO-Free or Pledging to Move Quickly in That Direction (See Comments)

Products Comments
Amy's To be filled in.... Veggie burgers and other products are GMO-free. All suppliers are asked to provide a guarantee in writing that ingredients are neither derived from nor manufactured using genetically modified organisms. Where appropriate, these guarantees include an Identity Preserved (IP) statement and analytical testing.
Annie's Naturals To be filled in.... Guarantees their soy to be GMO-free. They are working on sourcing a GMO-free canola oil.
Barbara's Bakery To be filled in.... In the process of sourcing non-GMO ingredients.
Dixie Diner To be filled in.... Products are GMO-free.
Eden Foods To be filled in.... Products have been free of genetic manipulation (GMO) since 1993. They have have a strong policy to prevent GMO ingredients, requiring affidavits from all of their suppliers and some testing.
Gardenburger To be filled in.... Only their Lifeburger soy burger is GMO-free.
Guiltless Gourmet To be filled in.... Uses organic (GMO-free) corn.
Hain Food Group Subsidiaries: Arrowhead Mills, Health Valley, Westbrae, Hollywood Oils, Garden of Eatin', and others. Biggest natural foods company in the U.S. Have created a GMO Task Force and are requiring affidavits from their suppliers. New products will be GMO-free. Existing products will be GMO-free soon after the end of 2000 (if not sooner).
Horizon To be filled in.... In the process of auditing their ingredients and feed to make sure it is GMO-free.
Lightlife To be filled in.... Plans to be completely GMO-free by March, 2000.
Nature's Path To be filled in.... Committed to the use of organic ingredients. Suppliers certify that ingredients are all GMO-free.
Newman's Own To be filled in.... Committed to avoid GMO ingredients, but have not yet eliminated GMO ingredients from all of their products.
Northern Soy To be filled in.... Their tofu and tempeh are GMO-free, but their products with soy protein isolate are still not GMO-free. They are working on sources for non-GMO soy protein isolate.
Organic Valley To be filled in.... Uses organic ingredients and is therefore GMO-free
Pacific Grain and Foods To be filled in.... Their contacts with suppliers specify that the corn and soy must be GMO-free.
SunRich To be filled in.... All of their products are GMO-free
Walnut Acres To be filled in.... Requires affidavits from their suppliers that all of their ingredients are GMO-free.
White Wave To be filled in.... Uses non-GMO soybeans and are in the process of replacing other GMO ingredients with non-GMO sources.

Companies to AVOID

Products Comments
Boca Burger Soy / Vegetarian Burgers Boca Burgers have been tested as containing genetically manipulated (GMO) (Roundup herbicide) soy. Company has not responded to any of 100's of requests from People's Earth Network consumer group members for a dialog other than to send out genetically manipulated food industry PR information. Look for non-GMO soy/veggie burgers (e.g., Amy's Veggie Burger, Gardenburger Lifeburger).